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Stormwater Management

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Since 1986 Atlantis has introduced green building solutions that created industry standards in the landscape and rainwater sectors worldwide!

We are the inventors of

The Original Drainage Cell

Custom Design and Installation

We offer custom design and installation services to meet specific client requirements. Our team of experts ensures that each project is executed with precision and attention to detail.

Consultation and Project Management

From initial concept development to final implementation, our experienced team offers expert advice and support to ensure successful project outcomes.

Technical support

Need technical help for our range of Atlantis solutions? Call our technical department and speak to our team of engineers!

Underground Water Tanks

For underground Infiltration, Detention & Rainwater Harvesting

Subsurface Drainage Original Drainage Cell

Horizontal Drainage, Planter Box, Podiums, and Concrete Slabs Drainage.

Trench Drainage

Trench and Strip drainage

Wall Drainage

Retaining walls, Foundation walls, Basements, Underground Carparks, Bridge Abutments, and more.

Permeable Paver

The pavement that treats water at the source

Landscape Void Fill

Structural lightweight void fill

Vertical Garden

Indoor & outdoor vertical gardens

Roof Garden

Reduce stormwater runoff and releases clean water

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New Applications

Sports Field

Football, Rugby, Horse Racing and other sports can now enjoy utilizing their fields throughout the year and even during heavy rainfall. With the Atlantis SPORTSDRY™ system no longer will supporters be disappointed with costly cancellations due to heavy or prolonged rainfall.

stable grid
Stable Grid

The Atlantis Stable Grid® system is the perfect companion for your prized animals creating ground stability and maintaining porosity of the ground.

Used in combination with our GravelCell® and Flo-Log® drainage products your grounds can be maintained free from water logging even during the heaviest rain events.

Wicking Bed

Designed with ingenuity and eco-consciousness in mind, the Atlantis Wicking Bed incorporates a self-watering system that utilizes the principles of sub-irrigation to deliver water directly to plant roots, minimizing water wastage and promoting healthy plant growth.