Maximise land usage

Underground Water Tanks

The Atlantis concept delivers a sustainable low impact solution including minimal heat island effect and releases clean water into the environment


With the Atlantis System the rain water is collected and filtered through our underground channels and tanks. The collected water is stored in harvesting tanks for reuse and excess water is infiltrated into the ground to recharge the local aquifers.

Traditional SystemsAtlantis Systems
The Atlantis tank system provides underground water storage of unlimited capacity and can be installed in various volumes, shapes and depths to meet specific project requirements.
The entire project location can be used as a catchment area including stormwater, landscape and roof areas providing the water storage capacity to meet your requirements!
Suitable for both residential and commercial installation projects, the Atlantis tank system maximizes land usage and minimizes stormwater runoff.
Atlantis tank systems provide unlimited storage and flexible design to meet your water requirements.


Infiltration Tanks

The Infiltration Tank System is the ideal way to  manage stormwater runoff in permeable or semi- permeable soil conditions.

Stormwater Harvesting

The Atlantis® Re-use System has proven effective in providing a regular clean water supply for domestic and commercial applications.

Detention Tank

The Atlantis® Detention System is a cost effective solution that can also address water quality. The system offers flexible design options, saving installation time and delays to site access.


Atlantis ecological channels systems are used to capture and filter water at the source. The clean water can then be transported or dispersed into the ground.


Atlantis Flo-Tank®

Atlantis Flo-Channel®

Atlantis Flo-Vault®

Atlantis Flo-Arch®

Atlantis Titan Tank®

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