The pavement that treats rainwater at the source

Permeable Pavers

Our innovative permeable pavers system is renowned for its ability to efficiently infiltrate and direct rainwater, reducing runoff and promoting eco-friendly urban landscapes

permeable pavers
permeable pavers
permeable pavers
The Impact of Waterproof Materials in Urban Areas

Between 70% and 90% of urban areas are paved with waterproof materials such as asphalt, concrete, bituminous products, and tiles. These materials retain heat, which leads to an increase in ambient temperature and prevents water from filtering into the ground. Consequently, this situation contributes significantly to urban runoff, which is closely associated with pollution.

Urban Runoff and Its Environmental Consequences

Urban runoff, often synonymous with pollution, poses serious environmental challenges. During rainfall, waterproof pavements hinder water seepage and retention, resulting in increased runoff levels. This runoff dissolves and carries urban pollutants into stormwater collectors, drastically increasing the flow and pollutant load within these systems. Consequently, this process has a serious environmental impact, harming aquatic ecosystems and degrading water quality.

Reducing Runoff Through Permeable Solutions

To mitigate runoff and rainwater pollution effectively, reducing soil waterproofing is essential. This approach allows soils to function as natural “sink filters,” capturing and filtering rainwater. Reducing impermeable surfaces promotes better water infiltration, which helps manage stormwater more effectively and reduces the urban heat island effect.

Atlantis Eco-Efficient Pathways: A Sustainable Solution

Atlantis Eco-efficient Pathways offer an innovative infiltration design concept, focusing on treating rainwater at its source. By collecting rain as quickly as possible, this approach minimizes flow over the land. Therefore, Atlantis pathways facilitate immediate water infiltration, reducing runoff volume and velocity significantly.

Benefits of Permeable Pavers

Utilizing permeable materials in urban pathways presents multiple benefits. Firstly, it significantly reduces heat retention compared to traditional paving materials, which helps lower ambient temperatures. Secondly, it promotes water infiltration, thereby reducing the strain on stormwater management systems and decreasing flooding risks. Moreover, it aids in filtering pollutants from rainwater, enhancing water quality and benefiting the environment.

Implementation and Practical Applications

Implementing permeable pathways involves using materials and designs that allow water to seep through the surface and into the ground. These solutions can be applied in various settings, including residential driveways, commercial parking lots, and public walkways. By incorporating such eco-efficient designs, urban planners and developers can create more sustainable and resilient urban environments.

The Atlantis Drainage Cell removes only excess water, keeping a perfect amount of moisture on perch. The unique design of the Atlantis Drainage Cell also features water retention cups that provide optimal moisture conditions for growing media.


Natural and Artificial (Synthetic) Turf Reinforcement

Atlantis Turf Cell® can be used in any landscape where low to medium use parking surfaces, access roads and driveways are required. Turf reinforcement provides a reinforced grid for evenly distributed plant growth.

permeable pavers
permeable pavers

Gravel Reinforcement

Atlantis Gravel Cell® gravel pavement reinforcement are permeable joint structures that allow water infiltration and form a robust, strong and durable surface, suitable for high traffic areas, driveways and parking lots.

Heavy Traffic

Flo-Grid® is a durable and environmentally friendly product made from 100% recycled plastic. The heavy duty design can withstand up to 247 tonnes per square metre, making it suitable for various trafficable surface applications, including access roads, heli-pads and light aircraft runways.

permeable pavers


drainage panel

Atlantis Turf Cell®

drainage panel

Atlantis Gravel Cell®

Atlantis Flo-Grid®

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