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Vertical Gardens

The Atlantis Vertical Garden system, where modernity meets simplicity. With its modular design, easy installation process, and state-of-the-art irrigation system, transforming any space into a lush, green oasis has never been easier!

vertical gardens

Atlantis vertical garden systems facilitates installation of vertical gardens in adverse outdoor environmental conditions and in regulated indoor environments with complete access and control. Our vertical gardens systems provide targeted watering control of individual plants, maximum water efficiency, last minute design changes and easy access to irrigation components.

  • Rapid Construction
  • Quick Plant Installation
  • Vertical & Horizontal Expansion
  • Easy Creative Planting Design
  • Self Supporting Structure
  • No Framework Required
  • Structurally Strong
  • Modular Planting System
  • Optimum Moisture Retention for Plants
  • Easy Individual Plant Access & Maintenance
  • Excess Water Capture System Available

Why use Atlantis Gro-Wall®


Indoor Garden

The Atlantis Flo-Cell® drainage cell provides effective drainage of the base and sides of planter boxes of buildings.When used in combination with quality water proofing membrane the building can be free form water leaks.

vertical gardens
vertical gardens

Outdoor Garden

The Atlantis Flo-Cell® is ideal for the drainage of roof gardens & podium areas and can support paving and other landscape construction over the top.


Atlantis Gro-Wall® 4.5

Atlantis Gro-Wall® Slim Pro

Atlantis Gro-Wall® Slim Line

drainage panel

Atlantis Gro-Wall® Façade

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