High strength, high flow drainage

Subsurface Drainage

The Atlantis Drainage Cell has become a standard for the construction and landscaping industry, because it represents a structurally strong system, with a highly effective drain, within a lightweight structure for subsurface drainage.

subsurface drainage

Atlantis Subsurface Drainage Solutions: Enhancing Water Management

Since its inception in 1986, Atlantis Drainage Cell has pioneered advanced sub-surface water management solutions. This innovative geo-composite is celebrated for its exceptional compressive strength, lightweight design, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional methods. Instead of merely eliminating excess water, the Drainage Cell effectively regulates moisture levels while enhancing growing conditions with integrated water retention cups.

Crafted from high-quality recycled materials and subjected to rigorous quality control, Atlantis Drainage Cell is resistant to various ground chemicals, ensuring long-term durability without the risk of collapse or distortion. Over the years, Atlantis has expanded its product range to meet diverse urban development and sustainability needs. Architects, engineers, and landscape designers worldwide rely on Atlantis solutions to optimize water retention, manage stormwater runoff efficiently, and foster healthier urban ecosystems.

Atlantis Drainage Cell’s modular design facilitates scalable solutions tailored to specific project demands, whether for residential landscapes, commercial complexes, or large-scale infrastructure projects. Its versatility and seamless integration into existing urban environments make it a preferred choice for sustainable development initiatives globally.

With a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship and technological innovation, Atlantis continues to lead in sub-surface water management. The Drainage Cell exemplifies their holistic approach to sustainable urban water solutions, supporting green building practices and bolstering urban infrastructure resilience against climate challenges.


Planter Box Drainage

The Atlantis Flo-Cell® drainage cell provides effective infiltration of the base and sides of planter boxes of buildings. When used in combination with quality water proofing membrane the building can be free form water leaks.

planter box
roof garden

Green Roofs & Podium Landscaping

The Atlantis Flo-Cell® is ideal for the water discharge of roof gardens & podium areas and can support paving and other landscape construction over the top.

Drainage Under Concrete Slab

The Atlantis Flo-Cell® is ideal for under drainage. Concrete can be poured directly over the Flo-Cell® and geotextile to create a permanent discharge layer relieving hydrostatic pressure and high water tables.

concrete slab drainage

Tunnels & Steep Slopes

Flo-Cell® FLEX 30mm is ideal for curved surfaces such as tunnels and steep slopes.


Atlantis Flo-Cell® 20mm

Atlantis Flo-Cell® 30mm FLEX

drainage cell

Atlantis Flo-Cell® 30mm NEO

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Atlantis Flo-Cell® 50mm

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