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How many times have you seen rain fall, and then simply wash away into stormwater drains? Why waste torrents of good water when it can be easily harnessed.

Atlantis provides solutions that will capture rain water from your home & garden and make it available for immediate re-use. Imagine the thought of your home & garden being self sufficient of mains water supply. This is a reality that we have provided to many Australians families.

Atlantis offers a unique rainwater harvesting solution that mimics natural water aquifers.

The Atlantis system is an effective way to enhance your water supply for your home and garden. The system provides optimum conditions for storage of captured water ensuring your water is kept cool, clean, free of harmful bacteria and stagnation.

Rain water is one of the best sources of potable water available, and when filtered and stored in optimum underground conditions, it is a life sustaining asset.

The thought of a self sufficient and sustainable water supply for your garden is now a reality. Atlantis provides “GARDEN RESERVOIRS” that are designed to capture water from your entire garden. This system will retain water underneath your garden ensuring a reliable and constant source of water for passive irrigation. Furthermore any excess water is channelled into underground storage tanks, which can be sized according to your water requirements.

Atlantis solutions free the use of your entire garden without any visual or clumsy physical obstacles, which provides more room for your outdoor entertainment space, whether it is a bbq area or a place for young children to play.

Create a cohesive, sustainable water supply, providing years of reliable service. Atlantis provides everything you need to harness water, a life sustaining asset for current and future generations.

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