Horizontal Drainage

About Flo-Cell®

roof_garden_sectionSince the original release in 1986,  Flo-Cell® set a benchmark for sub surface drainage. Flo-Cell® is the most advanced geo-composite for sub surface drainage and offers high compressive strength, lightweight construction, ease of installation and low cost compared to traditional drainage methods. More efficient than traditional drainage methods like blue steel/blue metal, Flo-Cell® provides a permanent and easy to install scaffold for drainage media to rest.

Long Life Durability

Atlantis Drainage Cell has excellent long term durability and is resistant to all ground chemicals. Flo-Cell is manufactured from selected quality recycled materials and under stringent quality control ensuring a high quality product that will not collapse or distort if used correctly. Our goal at Atlantis is to remain environmentally friendly whilst also solving water issues in a more efficient way.

Efficient Water Management

The Flo-Cell® removes only excess water, keeping a perfect amount of moisture on perch. The unique design of the Flo-Cell also features water retention cups that provide optimal moisture conditions for growing media.

Protects Building Structures

The Flo-Cell®, used in conjunction with Atlantis Geo-textile, which functions as a protective membrane, a filtration layer and for providing ventilation to concrete slabs which alleviates heat induced stress and cracking.