Case Study

  • Application: Atlantis® Flo-tank®

  • Location: Summer Hill, New South Wales

  • Time: April 2017

  • Details: 115 m3 Reuse Tank to Irrigate the Landscape Area

The Flour Mill’s remarkable heritage and the original Mungo Scott Mill building will be retained. Brand new buildings will also stand alongside the historic silo structures, which will be transformed into homes. The old industrial site of the Flour Mill has towered over the suburb’s leafy streets for almost 100 years, and is now being transformed into a beautifully planned place to live, work and play.

It is a blueprint where parkland, pedestrian areas and new internal streets seamlessly connect the apartments and terrace homes with their wider environment. The past is not erased, but rather becomes the foundation for a new, dynamic and contemporary neighbourhood.

Also included in this project is a 115Kl reuse tank formed from Atlantis® double 5 plate Flo-tanks. The tank was situated under a common area with a restriction on cover and as such 5 plates were required to ensure adequate strength.