Case Study

  • Application: 52mm Turf Cell

  • Location: North Ryde NSW

  • Time: March 2017

  • Details: Macquarie University Permeable Overflow Car Park

Established in 1964, Macquarie University began as a bold experiment in higher education. Built to break from traditions: to be distinctive, progressive, and to be transformational. Today its pioneering history continues to be a source of inspiration as they celebrate their place among the best and brightest minds.

When Macquarie University’s existing cark park became too small for the amount of cars now using it, it was decided to construct an overflow car park. However, not just any car park, but in keeping with their innovative thinking, an environmentally friendly permeable car park. Of course the Atlantis® Turf Cell™ system was chosen, so that turf covered parking spaces could be provided.

The project required 9,843sq. m of Atlantis® Turf Cell™ system, which is constructed from 480mm x 260mm x 52mm panels and has a rigid interlocking clipping system and is made from high quality recycled polypropylene. The project was undertaken by J & G Excavations and Asphalting (NSW) Pty Ltd.

The Turf Cell™ cells were laid on a bed of permeable soil, and filled with sandy soil and turf was then placed on top of the linked Atlantis® Turf Cell™ cells and rolled with a heavy roller to press the roots into the soil in the cells, where they were protected from compaction and could grow freely both horizontally and vertically.

The Turf Cell™ system is another Atlantis invention, and is specifically suited for car parks, access roads, aircraft taxiways and helicopter landing pads as it has the following features:

  • a high load bearing of approximately 4000t/sq. M;
  • protects the root system of grass from compaction, while allow for vigorous horizontal and vertical root growth;
  • permits surface water absorption and infiltration;
  • has a long use life; and
  • aesthetically, the system allows the grass to fill in completely, creating a lush lawn with an invisible reinforcement structure.

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