Case Study

  • Application: Atlantis® Flo-tank®

  • Location: Granville NSW Australia

  • Time: April 2017

  • Details: 220 m3 of Planter Boxes Void Fill & Drainage

One of the results of urbanization is the increase in impervious surfaces and decrease in vegetation, resulting in an increase in runoff into our water ways. This has resulted in a push for green architecture with an emphasis on planter boxes and plants to absorb water and help to purify the air. However it is essential that the planter boxes have good drainage. Atlantis has developed the Atlantis® Flo-cell® module and Atlantis® Flo-tank® module for such a purpose.

We completed one such project in April for a new high-end apartment development in Sydney’s Western Suburbs (Granville NSW Australia).

One of key selling points of this development was the well balanced and implemented green architecture. This high-rise building was designed with generous space and extensive vegetation / greenery. This was achieved with attractive planter boxes installed with trees and decorative plants. On the top of the building, the main attractions were the penthouses with spacious open terraces with massive vegetated planter boxes elevating the suburban view.

The planter boxes were about 1.2m deep, requiring massive amounts of soil. This presented several potential problems; the cost for the soil and weight loading on the penthouse’s planter boxes floor. Both of these problems were overcome by using Atlantis® Flo-tank® modules as void fill to lessen the amount of soil used. Hence the bases of the planter boxes were filled with Atlantis® Flo-tanks® modules, which were covered by a layer of hydrophilic needle punched non-woven geotextile and a layer of washed river sand then the soil.

The estimated volume of the void fill was over 220m3.

The contractor decided to use Atlantis® Flo-tank® modules as void fill product due to:

  • the cost-effective price and fast installation
  • reliable and long lasting drainage solution, which was a must for this high-profile landscaped building; and
  • the planter boxes act as a stormwater detention system.

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