Case Study

  • Application: Titan Tank

  • Location: South Australia

  • Time: March 2017

  • Details: 550m3 OSD Tank to Overcome Flooding

The City of Playford in South Australia, an area of high unemployment, decided, in keeping with its motto “a great place to live, work and play”, to construct a park, at the Northern CBD Development, to hold social events and concerts and at the same time boost employment.

The challenge was to construct an OSD tank to overcome the problem of localised flooding. Essentially, the system is an offline detention storage, such that when the pipe capacity downstream is exceeded, the stormwater will backflow into this system.

However the project suffered from three major constraints 1) low backfill; 300mm, 2) large volume; 550cu. m, & 3) high dynamic loads; W80 wheel load, as well as being L shaped. It was necessary that the tank comply with AS1170.

The low backfill and high dynamic loads presented insurmountable obstacles to using traditional underground drainage systems, and the L shape made the use of a concrete tank more expensive. What was the solution? The Atlantis® Titan® tank provided the solution, with its high compressive strength of 83.08t/sq. m. and ease and cheapness of construction. Additionally, the Atlantis® Titan® tank is made from recycled polypropylene thereby minimizing the carbon footprint and resulting in the tank not being affected by biological activity or soil chemistry.

The Atlantis® Titan® tank is an engineered design constructed with certified quality assurance by stacks of our 52mm heavy duty panels with restraints for both horizontal & vertical movement between the panels, enclosed and sealed by a waterproof membrane.

The Atlantis® Titan® tank, as well as providing a high compressive strength and ease and cost efficiency of construction, also provides a long design life.

The Atlantis® Titan® tank is the perfect underground tank for heavy trafficable areas.

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