Case Study

  • Application: 52mm Facade

  • Location: Parkwood Qld

  • Time: Dec 2016

  • Details: Decorative Use of Facade

The Gold Coast Titans for the first time have a community club.  Parkwood Village has undergone a rapid transformation to its food, beverage, events, entertainment and golf operations to enable it to provide the Fans and members of the Gold Coast Titans a home base of which they can be proud.  The new Village Lane features a Pizzeria, Grill, Bar and Café.

The Atlantis® Facade™ 52mm drainage cell was used quite extensively in the Club precinct. It was used as screening walls for the beer garden, cladding for planter boxes, decorative screens and wall coverings, decorative ceilings and counter fronts and screens hanging down from the ceiling upon which television screens and speakers were supported.

Some 370m2 was installed by Hutchinson Builders and was finished in November 2017.

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