Case Study

  • Application: 52mm Facade

  • Location: Gold Coast

  • Time: Jan 2016

  • Details: Private Hospital Car Park

In May 2014 plans were drawn up for the construction of the $230 million Healthscope-operated Gold Coast Private Hospital, at Parklands Drive, Southport. Included in the plans was a multistoried car park. It was decided to screen the car park with green walls.

The question now was – what is the cost efficient way of construction? After consultation with Atlantis Aurora it was decided to erect the Atlantis® Façade™ 52mm drainage cell in panels in arrays of 6 x 8 pieces, clipped together, with at least one rectangular metal rod passing along through each row of Façade™ cells in a panel. Each panel was positioned between two vertical angle irons connected to the car park slabs, with each metal rod affixed to the angle irons, holding the panels in place.

In total there was approximately 1,800sq. m of façade installed.

The hospital opened in March 2016, not with a three storey car park having ugly exposed concrete slabs, supporting beams and balustrades, but with an attractive decorative screen covering the open sides of the car park. Apart from its attractiveness and ease of installation, the Façade™ system also has the following benefits:

  1. Allows air flow in both directions through the Façade™ system;
  2. Obscures external views into the car park, but allows external views out of the car park; and
  3. Provides a trellis for climbing plants at ground level.