Case Study

  • Application: Flo-Channel

  • Location: Barangaroo

  • Time: Feb 2015

  • Details: Bio-Swale System to Capture Surface Water through Infiltration

The newly built Barangaroo site requires an efficient stormwater runoff relief system that also provides water quality treatment according to the WSUD approach and best practices.
Lendlease contacted Atlantis for an efficient infiltration system capable to capture 2 km of stormwater runoff from landscape area. The development is in close proximity to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and therefore high expectations were inherent in the project and the Atlantis Products supplied. Atlantis was in close contact with the consultants and contractors all the way through to the final stages of construction reflecting Atlantis’ eagerness for fluency and perfection.

The challenge:
High runoff volume from a 2km long landscape area had to be treated and released into Sydney Harbour. It was vital to ensure no algal growth, sediment, nitrogen and phosphorus releases into Sydney Harbour.

The solution:
The bio-swale system is designed with Atlantis Flo-Channels to capture surface water through infiltration, and then clean and filter the water before it is allowed to recharge the water table providing moisture for surrounding vegetation and finally into the harbour. The system is efficient, durable and made Atlantis products a permanent part of Australia’s landmark Harbour Bridge.

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