Case Study

  • Application: Single Flo-Tanks

  • Location: Currumbin Qld

  • Time: Oct 2013

  • Details: 57,000 Litre Detention Tank Under a driveway for Multispan

Four hundred and eighty Atlantis® Flo-tank® single modules were used to create a 57,000 litre detention tank under a driveway of a commercial development at 10 Hawker Street Currumbin Waters Qld. The tank received discharge from a bio-retention basin.

The modules were wrapped in a waterproof liner which was wrapped in a geotextile with 5 by 150mm inspection ports, spaced approximately 4.7m apart, rising to the surface through the 600mm cover above the tank. The ports were capped with bolted trap screws. These ports enabled visual inspection to the bottom of the tank to inspect for any silt accumulation, which if found would be flushed from the tank in suspension.

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