Case Study

  • Application: 52mm Drainage Cell

  • Location: Perth

  • Time: Oct 2010

  • Details: Under Decking Drainage

To provide a drain under pavers, one simply lays a full layer of Atlantis® 52mm drainage cell clipped together on a slab and then simply sits the pavers on top thereof butted together. However if you wish to have a drain under wooden or the like floor boards, how do you do this both effectively and cost efficiently?

Why, with Atlantis® 52mm drainage cell, 30mm PVC pipes and tongue & groove hidden fasteners.

Atlantis® 52mm drainage cells are connected in a row across the edge of the area to be covered and additional spaced apart runs of Atlantis® 52mm drainage cells  are connected at 90 degrees to the first row.  A second row of Atlantis® 52mm drainage cells are connected across the ends of the runs and additional runs of Atlantis® 52mm drainage cells are connected to the second row in line with the first runs with a third row being connected to the ends of the additional runs so that the outer runs and outer rows extend to the perimeter of the area to be covered. The runs are spaced so that there is little or no give when people walk on the boards.

PVC piping is inserted along the length of each run and a tongue & groove hidden fastener is inserted into the groove of the floorboard above the PVC piping and is screwed into the PVC piping and then the next floorboard is pushed against the tongue and groove hidden fastener, where its tongue engages in the groove of the tongue and groove hidden fastener. This is repeated along every PVC piping for every floorboard.

With this arrangement it is not necessary to have the 52mm drainage cells cover the entire area and as the 52mm drainage cell forms part of the fastening means the cost are reduced and an effective solution is provided, with a long use life.

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