Case Study

  • Application: Flo-Tanks

  • Location: Greece

  • Time: Oct 2007

  • Details: Void Fill for Three Planter Boxes

Three metal garden beds were designed with two opposed sides in matching profiles of waves; two of which were placed beside the entrance of the building while the third was placed in the foyer.  The beds were to be filled with soil in the shape of the wave profile and covered with grass; in a large number of places the soil would be at least 1m deep. This presented several potential problems; the cost for the soil and as there was an underground car park directly below the building, the weight loading on the floor under the garden beds. What was the solution?

Atlantis was the solution! Approximately 400 m3 of Atlantis® Flo-tank® modules were used as void fill to lessen the amount of soil used. This not only lessened the loading but also lessened the cost of the soil. The insides of the garden beds were lined with thermoplastic membranes to make them waterproof, and a layer of water permeable geotextile was laid over the membranes and Atlantis® Flo-tank® modules were placed on the geotextile in staggered levels to follow the wave profile of the sides.

The modules were then covered by the geotextile and covered by a layer of soil at levels to match the wave profile of the sides, and turf was laid into the soil, flush with the wave profiles of the sides, to give the appearance of green waves travelling along the garden beds.

Not only did the Atlantis® Flo-tank® modules lessen the loading on the floor and reduce the cost of the soil, they also provide an opportunity to recycle water, which infiltrated through the soil layer into the Atlantis® Flo-tank® modules.

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