Atlantis Vertical Garden Green Wall Products

Vertical Gardens Made Easy!

Atlantis Vertical Garden Green Wall Products

Atlantis has a range of vertical garden and green wall products suitable for all applications both indoor and outdoor installations. Our green wall vertical garden solutions can accommodate all budgets and uses. The Atlantis Gro-Wall® range is ideal for both commercial applications and D.I Y do it yourself projects.

Versatile Vertical Gardens & Green Walls

The Atlantis range of vertical garden & green wall products will suit any space or specifications that is required by the project. Our Vertical Gardens also boast a uniquely aesthetic facade for your home or business which is a great talking point or marketing tool. Whether it’s a residential feature wall or a balcony in a high-rise apartment Atlantis vertical garden green wall systems are an ideal solution. Each one of our Vertical Garden products is adaptable to your project requirements and budget allocation.

Environmental Benefits

With the Atlantis Vertical Garden range you can add environmental benefits to your project including air purification and the reduction of heat island effect on buildings. It also provides beautiful aesthetics for urban areas improving human mental well being.


Atlantis Gro-Wall® vertical garden system is truly modular with individual plant access, and both vertical and horizontal system expansion. If you can build lego you can build a Gro-Wall. No framework is required for these self supporting structures allowing for easy individual plant access and maintenance.

Construction and Maintenance

Our Vertical Garden enable rapid installation with instantaneous gratification. Maintenance is minimal and when required easy to access areas of the system.