Roof Garden Design & Installation

roof_gardenAtlantis Aurora has a team of professionals that provide Green Roof design, installation and maintenance services. Green roof habitats have significant potential to bring back biodiversity and provide ecosystem services in urban areas, and in particular the city center.

Atlantis Aurora has a team of green roof experts who have designed green roofs for more than 40 years. We have an extensive track record and can design solutions for both intensive and extensive roof garden applications. We provide our clients with detailed information including specifications, engineering and customized plants selection for each project.

Our team of horticulturists and installers provide long term green roof solutions with ongoing maintenance.



Atlantis Green Roof Benefits

– Produce Oxygen
– Convert CO2 emissions
– Absorb & Transform Sunlight
– Reduce Ambient Temperature
– Reduce the Heat of Buildings
– Create Large Catchment Areas
– Capture and Harvest Rainwater
– Reduce Storm water Runoff & discharge
– Reduce Energy Costs
– Create Habitat for Wildlife
– Productive rooftop and vertical farms