Gravel Cell® gravel reinforcement grid

Gravel_Cell_01Gravel Cell® reinforcement structure creates an attractive, durable hard surface suitable for trafficable access roads and parking lots.

Gravel Cell® is ideal for creating parking lots, access roads and driveways.

Gravel Cell® can also be used for the construction of reinforced swales to collect and absorb rainwater into underground channels for rainwater re-use or the recharge of water tables.

Cost Benefits

The installation and maintenance of Gravel Cell® provides enormous cost savings when compared to bitumen or concrete systems. The sub-base required for Gravel Cell® is equal to or less than the sub-base required for concrete or bitumen.
The reduction of the traditional stormwater drains required by impermeable parking lots provides an immediate cost saving when installing Gravel Cell®  pavers for the same application.