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2017: Worldwide Gro-Wall System

The Atlantis vision is to create ecologically sustainable cities and communities, by integrating urban development with nature. By combining air, water, flora and land to function in harmony with urban development, water and air can be filtered, cleaned and purified. The result is revolutionary Green Cities which function like natural ecosystems. Today’s cities consist mostly […]

2017: RAAF Airport Upgrade

This project is part of a $1.5 billion upgrade of RAAF Base William Town including a 600m extension of the runway and addition of extra taxiways and buildings.

The project was to provide underground infiltration channels for the roadways and car parks. Because of the use of heavy vehicle on the base and the presence of […]

2013: Silkstone State School Parking Bays

At Silkstone State school Qld. a contentious issue arose. The school required car parking and a sealed one at that. But in the proposed car park was a huge old tree. The tree could be cut down and the roots dug out or the tree could be left, with open soil above the root system […]

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2013: Residential Green Wall

Customer had a bench seat on a corner of his back verandah. It was decided to have an Atlantis® Gro-wall® vertical garden behind the bench seat. So a Gro-wall ® vertical garden was constructed directly behind the bench seat such that the pots above the height of the bench seat faced in the direction of […]

2017: The Titans Training Center

After two years operating the football club out of a temporary home at the Burleigh Bears, the Gold Coast Titans moved into their new home, a purpose built training and administration facility on the grounds of the Parkwood Village (formerly Parkwood International) at Parkwood on the northern Gold Coast.

A conversation between Titans Director Darryl Kelly, […]

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2017: New Permeable Pathways for Observatory

Positioned in the centre of Sydney, the Sydney Observatory offers not only a breathtaking view but an important history which has made it one of the top heritage sites in Australia.

StoneSet was called upon by MAAS (Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences) to help solve a few problems they were having with their paving; the existing […]

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2017: Summer Hill Flour Mill

The Flour Mill’s remarkable heritage and the original Mungo Scott Mill building will be retained. Brand new buildings will also stand alongside the historic silo structures, which will be transformed into homes. The old industrial site of the Flour Mill has towered over the suburb’s leafy streets for almost 100 years, and is now being […]

2017: Parkwood Decorative Sunscreen

In the medical precinct, you have access to Elemental – Hot Yoga, Chiropractor & Massage, All-Sports Physiotherapy, Q-Pilates & Q-Scan Radiology. It is the inclusiveness of the site that sets Parkwood Village apart from traditional national and international high performance training facilities.  The Gold Coast Titans were adamant that they wanted a community facility to […]

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2017: Macquarie University Car Park Turf Cell

Established in 1964, Macquarie University began as a bold experiment in higher education. Built to break from traditions: to be distinctive, progressive, and to be transformational. Today its pioneering history continues to be a source of inspiration as they celebrate their place among the best and brightest minds.

When Macquarie University’s existing cark park became too […]

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2007: Atlantis Smart Load & Cost Reduction Design

Three metal garden beds were designed with two opposed sides in matching profiles of waves; two of which were placed beside the entrance of the building while the third was placed in the foyer.  The beds were to be filled with soil in the shape of the wave profile and covered with grass; in a […]